Pauliina’s Solo Trapeze

Pauliina Rasanen, a Flying Finn, studied her difficult technical figures under Mr. Victor Fomine in National Circus School of Montreal. After graduation, she adopted her number into the Cirque du Soleil’s Alegria.

       “When I swing sky high on the trapeze, I hope the public experiences a sense of freedom and playfulness, as they did when they were playing on the swing set as children. Instead of feeling terrified for the dangerous height, I hope this sensation of freedom outweighs their fear. After spending a decade on the trapeze, I believe I perform the tricks lightly and gracefully as in a dream.”

       Pauliina’s act combines high-level pirouettes and saltos set to a beat of music. Her fair skin and costume enhance the ethereal sensation radiating from her. It is a display of Finnish stamina, coordination, and elegance.

Pauliina’s Solo Hoop

“I prepared this act for the feature film Circus Fantasticus. My character was called Angela, and her emotional being, tranquility and fluid movement was the whole inspiration for this act. The point is not to perform the most difficult leaps, but simply to fly like and angel, and angel from the beyond bringing a joyful message. I learned a lot from Angela...“

WatchPauliina’s performance at Eurovision  Song Contest Finals

2007 with Apocalyptica.

On this page, you will find videos in three different aerial disciplines:

Swing Trapeze     (Pauliina)

Duo Silk                (Pauliina and Slava)

Solo Silk               (Pauliina)Aerial Hoop          (Pauliin

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